Applicant Management
The Applicant Management system is a completely integrated admissions component that simplifies your entire admissions process, allowing you to run a results-oriented admissions program focused on achieving your goals. The application management system ultimately developed will be the result of many in-person, phone, email, etc., conversations, and will include all aspects necessary to completely manage your admission process. This easy-to-learn system is comprised of three distinct software components:
  • Desktop Administrative System

    This powerful, multiple desktop management tool is an installed component on each authorized user’s desktop (similar to installing MS Word, Excel, etc.), and provides easy access to applicants and Recommendation records. This system can be installed on any desktop (home, office, laptop etc.) The only requirement is that you are running a windows based operating system or simulator (Mac users), and have an active internet connection. There is no limit to the number of authorized installations permitted.

  • Web Applicant Portal

    As the primary interface for collecting prospect and applicant information, this portal is one of the most important communication tools that AdmissionPros designs and develops for any client. Today’s applicants not only expect colleges to provide them with the ability to apply online through a secure, user-friendly and intuitive application, they also want to receive relevant feedback and continuous communications throughout their entire application process. Web applicant portals are built to meet industry and client standards, and will adhere to existing client style guidelines.

  • Web Recommender Portal

    This portal will be used by individuals who are asked by applicants to attest to their academic abilities. This portal provides a secure means for recommenders to complete, submit, and later review their letter of Recommendation.

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