Desktop Admin System

The desktop administrative system (DAS) provides for the efficient processing, distribution (to academic programs), and evaluation of applications and related materials received, as well as the timely submission of admission decisions by programs and communication of those decisions to the applicants. Features include real-time access to applications created, system-triggered e-mail communications to applicants at pre-defined application stages, standardized test score import and score auto-matching, auto-tracking of materials received and corresponding complete/incomplete calculation, and generation of decision letters based upon admission decision entered.

The Desktop Administrative System is truly the control center of every AdmissionPros system. It is this system that provides the access to applicants' records, and is used to manage (update, edit, etc., with audit trail and history retained), query, report, and analyze all data being collected and stored. All day-to-day business, such as review of applicant records, printing of applications and folder labels, scanning, exporting of data to Banner or campus supported imaging system, email, etc., is accomplished using this system. In addition, higher-level management of user authorizations, automated processing, functionality, internal business rules, etc., is done via the desktop system, which also provides the interface for web based portal content and function management.

Highlights include:
  • Administrative interface for staff members to access all applicant information in order to review, edit, print, etc., and to manually enter/update applications as needed
  • Administrative interface for staff to manage degree programs offered, related application start-end (deadline) dates, and application requirement
  • E-mail management, including auto email response system with user defined business rules for automatic email communications to applicants, recommenders and staff members
  • Automatic or manual assignment of an applicant to an admissions committee
  • Mailings, mail-merging, and labels manager for applicants
  • Interview management, including the ability to manage interview schedule s by interview committee (if needed), and to then deploy that information via the web for those applicants invited to interview
  • Application review management, including the ability to manage admissions committee composition, assign automatically or manually an applicant to a committee for review, and the monitoring of the status of reviews assigned
  • Contact history management (to applicant and from applicant)
  • Electronic document management, including the ability to scan and attach documents to applicant records that arrive via mail (transcripts, financial certificates, etc.), and export scanned documents and applicant data to 3rd party imaging systems
  • Codes management interface, for staff to manage data values (codes) that applicants and internal staff members select from via drop-down boxes
  • User management interface for system administrators to create and manage user access to the Desktop Administrative System
  • Reporting tool, including any standard reports needed (scheduled or manually released), plus a comprehensive applicant data warehouse and related adhoc query engine (QueryWizard) which allow users to execute both select and aggregate queries, export results, graph the results or send a mass email to the population selected
  • Import of existing applicant data from legacy system(s)
  • Missing items management, including the ability to define, by applicant type and program, specific application requirements and to calculate missing items status and communicate that status to the applicant via email and the web applicant portal
  • Communication track management - allows you to define focus groups (i.e., tracks) for your prospect/applicant population, and then schedule the auto-release of targeted communications (email or hard copy), via a pre-defined schedule, to those individuals in each track
  • Folder management (check-in, check-out, printing of labels, etc.)
  • Decision letters (printing, web viewing, mailing, etc.)
  • Score import and auto-matching - from services like Educational Testing Service and Admissions Testing Program
  • Management of pre-app materials on file for a person prior to an application being submitted
  • Application fee management, including the ability to monitor, record, and reconcile application fee payments

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