Prospect Management

AdmissionPros recognizes the increased competitive pressures faced by colleges and universities in today’s market. Because of the annual volume of inquiries, taking advantage of new technologies to automate communications and responses is a high priority. Our highly effective prospect management system will allow you to manage relationships with prospective students, and strengthen your marketing initiatives and attain your recruiting goals while delivering unprecedented service.

By streamlining every aspect of your recruiting process and maintaining on-going communication through well-timed, targeted mailings that enhance your appearance, you will become more efficient and visible in the ever-demanding market of higher education. Our powerful system imports available Service Bureau Data from services like 'Educational Testing Service' and 'Admissions Testing Program' which can be put to work directly for you. Also, since the system interfaces with other on-campus systems, your reports can be printed or downloaded into your existing documents.

Our prospect management solutions will allow you to:

  • Recruit and enroll the best students
  • Strengthen your marketing initiatives and recruiting goals through rapid, real-time access to data
  • Provide your staff with the ability to analyze trends and query data through a variety of criteria
  • Maintain on-going communication through the system with well-timed, targeted mailings that enhance your appearance to prospective students, parents, high schools/colleges, employees and volunteers
  • Provide follow-up letters, emails, reminders, and reports generated automatically at user-defined intervals
  • Provide standardized labels, envelopes and reports that complement each communication type
  • Import testing data from services like Educational Testing Service and Admissions Testing Program

Highlights of a fully functional Prospect Management System include the following:

  • Consumer Web Portal allowing prospects to create accounts and request information
  • Administrative DAS interface which lets staff members review, edit, and add information
  • AutoEmail Response System for sending out automatic responses via email
  • Mailings, mail-merging and labels manager for prospects
  • Email Management (custom, templated (fixed content), and bulk emails)
  • Contact history management
  • Integrated Query and Reporting Tool for online analytical processing of prospect data
  • Importing all existing Prospect Data from Legacy System(s) to a campus supported Oracle Database Custom import module for importing SSS, EPS, SAT, ACT, GRE, etc., data
  • Communication Track Management
  • Event Management (online signup and RSVP)
  • Tele-Counseling
  • Campus Tours Management - offering online scheduling
  • Recruitment Territory Management
  • Prospect Watch List Management
  • Email FAQ Management

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