Web Based Applicant Portal

Knowing that a client’s web site is the first place that the majority of prospective students will turn to gather admission information, AdmissionPros designs systems around a single security and usability principle: provide a user-friendly and intuitive online environment in which applicants feel confident and secure enough to provide their sensitive and personal information. The Web Based Applicant Portal is the online site that will collect information from, and provide timely feedback to, applicants.

This portal is one of the most important communication tools that AdmissionPros will design and develop. Today’s applicants expect that applying online should be through a secure, user-friendly and intuitive application, and they expect to receive relevant feedback and continuous communications throughout their entire application process. The system AdmissionPros will develop will do just that.

This web applicant portal will include:

  • Online admission application, content-driven by applicant type and program selected, including the ability for applicants to upload any required documents such as essays, etc. This application will not only collect basic information required, but will also seamlessly integrate program-specific custom application requirements, including supplemental questions, online letters of recommendation, electronic upload of require statements, etc., resulting in a single comprehensive admission application specific to each applicant type and program of interest. Applicants may elect to pay the application fee online, by credit card, either at time of submission or at a later time.
  • Applicants may return as often as needed to complete their application, and, after submission, monitor the status of their application:
    • Online application status, including the ability to manage and trigger follow-up communications to recommenders as needed, and review the status of required items, missing items, and their complete contact history (emails and mailings sent to them)
    • Pay their application fee online via credit card (if not already done)
    • View the status of their recommendations, and, when outstanding, resend a request to the recommender. Applicants may also (within guidelines) remove a recommender who has not yet submitted a recommendation, and change the contact information for the recommender
    • View a comprehensive list of all application missing items (transcripts, test scores, resume, etc), including program specific supplemental materials
    • View all email correspondence sent via AdmissionPros
    • Schedule an interview (if invited)
    • View decision letters online (if desired)

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