Why AdmissionPros?

AdmissionPros’ approach to software development is unique. We recognize that no two admissions offices are the same, and believe that any software solution developed must take into account the specific needs of each individual client. Instead of an “out-of-the-box” solution, AdmissionPros will work hand-in-hand with the people who will be using the software in order to learn their processes and procedures, and gather their business requirements.

Our pre-development efforts incorporate in-depth pre-installation interviews and discussions, phone conversations and on-campus meetings, where senior staff with extensive experience in the business of admissions – and consequently know what questions to ask - gather business requirements, thereby insuring that the product(s) developed meet each client’s unique needs.

This commitment to first understanding each client’s business process allows us to deliver innovative software solutions that are a great fit to current needs, while incorporating flexibility that accommodates future change. To date, over 600,000 non-degree, certificate, undergraduate, graduate, and professional admission applications and millions of prospects have been processed using AdmissionPros products, allowing those admissions offices to focus more on achieving their recruitment and enrollment goals while the process side of things is handled by AdmissionPros.

AdmissionPros has been providing such software solutions to colleges and universities since 1992. Our suite of products provide robust, yet user-friendly, custom solutions for the management of the overall recruitment and admissions process, including prospect management, applicant management, events & interview management, electronic document management, communication tracks, online recommendations, online application review, and much more.

By connecting business processes, automating common tasks, and leveraging established best practices, your admissions professionals will be free to focus on providing value-added services to prospective and current applicants, while increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Through the integration of the latest technologies, best-in-class service, and partnering, AdmissionPros will provide you with the most cost effective and comprehensive custom software solutions possible, each uniquely designed to specifically meet your needs while remaining flexible for the future.

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