Elizabeth City State University Is Now Paperless Thanks To AdmissionPros

“AdmissionPros was essential in our going paperless project. With AdmissionPros, we are consistently improving our processes and communication with students.”

Mrs. Arlinda Halfacre 
University Program Specialist - Admissions & Recruitment
Elizabeth City State University
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The Problem

It's not unusual to find many educational institutions still using a paper process for admissions. 

Elizabeth City was struggling to stay organized and efficient due to handling applications and related documents in paper form.  Their process involved making a copy of each document received related to a student as soon as it was received either by mail or from someone dropping it off at the front desk.  This resulted in lots of paper files and filing cabinets to hold those files, as well as a system that was both antiquated and  not secure.  The transfer of documents for new enrolled students to the Registrar's Office was cumbersome, slow and involved manually transporting boxes of paper files.


What We Did

By adding our admissions software module, we could capture all application materials in electronic form and seamlessly pass the appropriate files to the Registrar's Office electronically. All new student files could now be electronically transferred at the touch of a button.

The Outcome

The result of the implementation has put Elizabeth City State University well on their way to becoming paperless.  Applications and related materials  are now received electronically, or scanned into electronic form and imported into AdmissionPros.  New student files are now electronically transferred to the Registrars Office with the touch of a button.  Their filing cabinets are all but eliminated, freeing up floor space for better use.  Efficiency and productivity has increased tremendously, and the communication process with students has vastly improved.

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